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Living room - mid-sized modern formal and open concept laminate floor living room idea in San Francisco with white walls, no fireplace and no tv

Why Stage?

Because it works! A professionally staged home will bring the highest dollar offers possible for that home and it will do so in the shortest timeframe possible. Consider the Open House a first interview for your house. You wouldn't think of going on a job interview without paying close attention to all aspects of your presentation - from grooming to professional attire to a well written and professional looking resume. The rewards for a well staged home are just as significant financially and deserve the same attention to detail.

How do we do it?

We go over your home, room by room, noticing things you probably no longer see because you see them every day. We find solutions for potential problem areas and enhance the features that increase your home's value. By appealing to the largest segment of potential buyers, we create an environment that buyers want to make their own. Around every corner we prompt potential buyers to envision themselves: having a romantic evening with their partner, playing games with the family, preparing and enjoying an intimate dinner with friends or having a summer barbeque with the neighbors, etc.… We appeal to the homebuyer's aspirations for their life - how they want to live. We create an emotional response that brings you top dollar offers.

Savvy real estate agents will be more inclined to show our homes because they know their buyers will easily envision living in them. A home staged by Chic gives a good impression throughout the process and is more likely to be seen as a well-cared-for property by estimators, inspectors, etc

Inspiration for a modern home design remodel in San Francisco
Home design - contemporary home design idea in San Francisco

What is it, really?

Staging is an essential marketing technique in today's competitive Real Estate market that enhances property presentation using lifestyle-selling techniques to secure top dollar offers from buyers. We use proven techniques to prepare a property for ultimate impact on buyers. Showcasing your home's best features takes more than de-cluttering, adding flowers or placing a bed on an angle! It is creating favorable impressions everywhere the eyes rest. Starting at curbside and moving throughout the house to the very back edge of the property, we review everything with an objective and creative eye.

Who do we work with?

· Homeowners selling their homes who want the most equity in theshortest time frame

· Homebuilders and re-modelers (flippers) who want to maximizethe return on their investment

· Savvy real estate agents wanting to earn and keep a reputationfor excellent service and exceptional performance

Inspiration for a modern home design remodel in San Francisco
Example of a minimalist home design design in San Francisco

What does it cost?

The simple answer to that question is: “Less then it will cost you to not stage…" It is an investment, not overhead. That said, the fee for staging a house varies depending on the size of the house, how many rooms, the level of furnishings needed to support the value of the house, the size of the rooms and if the house is vacant or occupied. You should expect a minimum fee of $350 for a simple consultation. Full stagings usually range between $2000 for a small home to $7000 for a larger home with multiple bedrooms and living areas.Pricing on luxury homes can go north of $10,000 for full staging. Remember, this is probably going to be less than that first price reduction you may be forced to make if you don't stage, or the house payments you are forced to make while your home sits on the market and becomes stale. Your return on investment can be threefold or more. How often can you say that about other investments in such a short amount of time?